About us

As a global network of evangelicals, fostering gospel witness through unity amongst the body of Christ, we follow Jesus’ call to love God and our neighbour, and his command to make disciples of all nations. We believe that to make disciples is to follow Christ in all areas of life and help others to know and follow Him.


To call the global evangelical community to a fresh, revitalized and intentional commitment to disciple-making, accelerating the health and growth of the church around the world.


A special decadal emphasis on disciple-making was introduced at the WEA General Assembly in Indonesia in December 2019. It followed an extensive process of discernment and dialogue between leaders across the WEA family of networks, focusing on the well-being and mission of the global Church into the future. This emphasis envisions a decade during which the existing momentum of alliances, networks, churches, and partner ministries becomes aligned in an intentional focus on disciple-making, development of emerging leaders, and intergenerational interaction — all for the purpose of spiritual renewal and societal transformation.


The World Evangelical Alliance will use its voice and platform to spread the vision of disciple-making, encourage intentional leadership development, and resource Alliances and the wider evangelical community through shared learning opportunities, collaboration, and storytelling of innovative initiatives.


The Decade of Disciple-Making task force has been commissioned to develop and coordinate the implementation of the following strategies:

  • Spread the vision for intentional disciple-making in the global church in accomplishing the Great Commission.
  • Help leaders across WEA personally practice disciple-making and promote it in their areas of influence.
  • Support Evangelical Alliances as collaborative platforms for disciple-making to cast the vision and provide opportunities for connecting, learning, and cooperation.
  • Provide access to relevant models, tools, and opportunities for training in disciple-making.