The call to disciple-making

As a global network of evangelicals, fostering gospel witness through unity amongst the body of Christ [1], we follow Jesus’ call to love God and our neighbour [2], and his command to make disciples of all nations [3].

The World Evangelical Alliance calls the global evangelical community to a fresh, revitalized and intentional commitment to disciple-making, accelerating the health and growth of the church around the world.

Christ’s command to make disciples, helping others to know and follow Him, calls every believer to:

  • Follow and obey Christ in all areas of life [4]
  • Build committed relationship with fellow Christ-followers [5]
  • Grow in maturity, understanding and practice of the teaching of Christ [6]
  • Equip disciples, who in turn will disciple others [7]
  • Live out the example and values of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit [8]
  • Participate in authentic community and mutual accountability [9]
  • Reflect the image of God [10] and the mission of God [11] in all we are and do
  • Engage in the advancement of God’s kingdom— locally, nationally and globally. [12]

The World Evangelical Alliance envisions a decade during which the existing momentum of alliances, networks, churches, and partner ministries becomes aligned in an intentional focus on disciple-making, development of emerging leaders, and intergenerational interaction — all for the purpose of spiritual renewal and societal transformation.The World Evangelical Alliance will use its voice and platform to spread the vision of disciple-making, encourage intentional leadership development, and resource Alliances and the wider evangelical community through shared learning opportunities, collaboration, and storytelling of innovative initiatives.

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