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We are pleased to announce the launch of the updated Decade of Disciple Making website! Our goal is to provide you with more clarity on how you can engage with the disciple making movement. The new website allows you to browse through a roadmap to see where you may be in the process, a toolkit of resources, and how to get in contact if we can help in any way.

We will be updating it as often as we receive stories, articles and tools so please contact us and share with us so we may encourage each other on this journey. We hope you find the new website helpful and easy to use. Please let us know what you think.

Featured Tool

Research reveals that two out of three children in our churches will leave when they become adults. We need you to champion our children’s ministry to build a disciple-making strategy in partnership with our families.  Check out this tool made by Scripture Union that asks essential questions for building this strategy.

Strategy for Discipling Children

Principles, suggestions, resources and practical tips to help you develop and write your own strategy.

Key video resources

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Updates from the regions

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Emerson Boyce, General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance of the Caribbean, and Bob Moffitt, a member of the WEA Decade of Disciple-making leadership team did a pilot project. They recruited three key pastors and invited them to join with them in a weekly zoom call to share the following:

  1. Key events in our respective last weeks
  2. How we personally had been able to be Jesus’ hands and feet that last week
  3. What Scripture validated this action
  4. How the others could pray for us in the next week.

The idea was to test this model of discipleship, and if successful, to replicate it.

We met for several months, saw that it was effective, and the pastors decided to replicate it in their churches. A few months later one of the pastors had these small groups going for about 100 women in his church with another group in training.

The current plan is for each of these pastors to bring two other pastors into our group and hopefully infect them with a desire to replicate it in their respective churches.

In addition, Emerson invited Ruslan Maliuta and Bob to meet with the EAC Regional Board. They shared the vision of the Decade of Disciple-making and the board committed to promote the vision across the EAC Membership. The Commission on Evangelism and Mission is tasked to promote the Decade among the NEAs and affiliates.

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AEL has appointed Jorge Gomez (Costa Rica) to be the link with the WEA DoDM and Pedro Torres (Paraguay) to begin enabling the regional alliances in developing disciple-making commissions. The leaders of those commissions will make up the AEL commission on disciple-making which will meet at the next General Assembly in the Dominican Republic, October 17-21. A six-hour Consultation on the DoDM in Latin America July 28-29 will help Evangelical Alliances and denominations that want to embrace the DoDM.

The WEA DoDM team has three members representing Latin America: Valerie Abreu (Brazil, new generation disciple-making), Alejandro Fernández (Uruguay, International Evangelism Association, Becoming a Disciple-Maker) and David Kornfield (Discipling and Pastoring of Pastors). All three intend to be at the AEL meetings in the DR with Jorge Gomez and Pedro Torres.

Pedro meets biweekly with Evangelical Alliance reps interested in developing discipleship commissions in their countries. He and David also meet monthly with reps from six countries who are preparing for the July 28-29 consultation, recruiting strategic leaders. These strategic leaders are encouraged to participate with a co-leader, a woman leader and a new gen leader.

The July 28-29 consultation has six one-hour sessions with interaction in small groups and by countries, four on the first day and the two practical implementation topics on the second day:

Day 1

  1. Eight prerequisites for the Great Commission – Mt 28.16-20
  2. Four levels of a movement: personal, church, a network of churches and at the country level.
  3. The DoDM with a denominational focus looking at a case study of the Church of God of Prophecy in Bolivia.
  4. The DoDM with a focus on the entire country. Four marks of a nationwide disciple-making movement through two case studies – Brazil and Venezuela

Day 2

  1. A proposal to form a DoDM team and executive team in each country or denomination.
  2. A proposal for external mentoring and initial events in each country.

Disciple making of the new generations

In April 2022, a group of 15 leaders from the Global Childrens Forum met in Portugal to connect, pray and plan together, with a particular focus on next steps for how to see Children Everywhere Walking with Jesus. The focus of our time was to think through how to invest and build into the larger pool of leaders worldwide. The team prayerfully shaped steps for the next season on how to develop a young leaders’ strategy and roadmap. Some of the next steps are underway with a platform for communication within the wider network and the building of regional learning communities. What is most encouraging is to see the networks working together to supporting seeing Children being discipled from all aspects and realities.