What disciple-making looks like

This conversation is the launch of a series of webinars on disciple-making. The live conversation held on May 26, 2020, in which Bob Moffit, David Kornfield, Edmund Chan, Ruslan Maliuta and a special appearance of Mathew Ling, gathered to share insights on common disciple-making questions. These individuals modelled disciple-making by talking through what they have done in the last weeks to further their skills and invite others to come along on this journey. We pray that this won’t be just another recording to listen to understand disciple-making but that it helps your personal growth and developing on who God is calling you to invest in. We hope this generates opportunities for us to further encourage one another and share insights, practices and rhythms to maintain our goal in completing Mathew 28.

To view the full set of webinars please click here.


Decade of Disciple Making Team